There are hereby incorporated by reference as if set out fully herein, the zoning regulations adopted by the governing body of the City of Attica, Kansas, as prepared by Foster and Associates. No fewer than three copies of the zoning regulations, marked “Official Copy as Incorporated by Ordinance No. 916” and to which there shall be a published copy of this section attached, shall be filed with the city clerk to be open for inspection and available to the public at all reasonable business hours. Said zoning regulations have been subsequently amended by Ordinance Nos. 1005-97-17, 1079-00-6, 1088-01-6, 1114-04-04, 1128-05-09, 1136-06-05, 1172-10-09, 1187-12-10, 1194-12-17, 1195-13-01, 1196-13-02.

(Ord. 916; Code 1991; Code 2015)

For the purpose of wholly or partially defraying the costs of administration, fees shall be paid upon filing of an application for the following: All applications for zoning district or map amendments, special uses, appeals, variances and conditional use permits shall be $50 each.  Fees for all applications for zoning permits including the occupancy certificate shall be the same as for building permits.

(Ord. 916; Code 1991)

The owner or agent of a building or premises in or upon which a violation of any provision of the zoning regulations herein adopted by reference has been committed, or shall exist, or the lessee or tenant of an entire building or tenant of an entire building or entire premises in or upon which violation has been committed or shall exist, or the agent, architect, building contractor, or any other person who commits, takes part, or assists in any violation, or who maintains any building or premises in or upon which violation has been committed, or shall exist, shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $500 for each offense. Each and every day that such violation continues shall constitute a separate offense and in case any structure is erected, constructed, reconstructed, altered, repaired, converted, or maintained, or any structure or land is used in violation of these regulations, the appropriate authorities of the city, in addition to other remedies, may institute injunction, mandamus, or other appropriate action or proceedings to prevent such unlawful erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration, conversion, maintenance, or use, or to correct or abate such violation or to prevent the occupancy of such building, structure, or land.

(Ord. 916; Code 1991)