(a)   It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to keep, maintain or have in his or her possession or under his or her control within the City any poisonous reptile or any other dangerous wild animal or reptile, any vicious or dangerous animal or any other animal or reptile of wild, vicious or dangerous propensities.

(b)   It shall be unlawful for any person to keep, maintain or have in his or her possession or under his or her control within the City any of the following animals:

(1)   All poisonous animals including rear-fang snakes.

(2)   Apes:      chimpanzees, gibbons, gorillas, orangutans, and summings.

(3)   Baboons.

(4)   Badgers.

(5)   Bears.

(6)   Bison.

(7)   Bobcats.

(8)   Cheetahs.

(9)   Crocodilians 30 inches in length or more.

(10) Constrictor snakes 6 feet in length or more.

(11) Coyotes.

(12) Deer, including all members of the deer family; for example, white-tailed deer, elk, antelope and moose.

(13) Elephants.

(14) Game cocks and other fighting birds.

(15) Hippopotami.

(16) Hyenas.

(17) Jaguars.

(18) Leopards.

(19) Lions.

(20) Lynxes.

(21) Monkeys.

(22) Ostriches.

(23) Pumas; also known as cougars, mountain lions and panthers.

(24) Raccoons.

(25) Rhinoceroses.

(26) Skunks.

(27) Tigers.

(28) Wolves.

(29) Wolf Hybrids which are hereby defined as hybrids of wolves and domesticated dogs which have wolf ancestry or descent to such a degree that such ancestry or descent is any manner traceable or capable of being established to such an extent that such animal is not wholly and solely descended from domesticated dogs.

(c)   The prohibitions of this section shall not apply to bona fide pet shops, zoos, circuses, educational institutions, or medical institutions, if:

(1)   Their location conforms to the provisions of the zoning ordinance of the City.

(2)   All animals and animal quarters are kept in a clean and sanitary condition and so maintained as to eliminate objectionable odors.

(3)   Animals are maintained in quarters so constructed as to prevent their escape, and approved and certified at least annually by the Animal Control Officer.

(4)   The owners maintain liability insurance for damage to property and injury to persons in an amount not less than $250,000 and furnish proof of the same annually to the City Clerk.

(d)   The Municipal Judge shall have the authority to order any animal deemed vicious confined, destroyed or removed from the City.

(Ord. 1052; Code 2015)