The rates charged for gas received from the municipal gas system of the City shall be as follows:

(a)   Rates. The Residential and Commercial gas rates for all city customers, within or outside the corporate limits of the city shall be as follows:

Market cost, plus Base charge, per month - $7.95

Market cost, plus cost per 1,000 MCF - $2.60 per thousand (1,000) MCF

(b)   Market cost. Market cost is based on market price of gas, Transportation charges, and any fees for the gas delivered to the city of Attica.

(Code 1991; Ord. G-1042-97-4; Ord. G-1181-12-04; Code 2015)

The governing body, or its duly authorized designee, may adopt and implement such gas pipeline safety rules and regulations as it deems necessary, or as may be required by state or federal agencies or statutes, and when adopted, such gas pipeline rules and regulations shall be a part of the article as if fully set forth herein.

(Code 1991)

No allowance shall be made for gas used or lost through leaks, carelessness, neglect or otherwise after the same has passed through the meter. However, every customer shall have the right to appeal to the city from a gas bill or meter reading which he or she may consider excessive.

(Code 1991)